How To Lead A Discussion Group

One common characteristic of all discussion groups is a discussion. However, leading a discussion could prove difficult. This can destroy the purpose of setting up the discussion group. In this article, we will give you pointers on how you can lead a group in a discussion.

When you want to lead a discussion in a group, the best way is to start the discussion. There are several ways to do this. You can start with a common experience which can be presented through a demonstration, short reading, a film segment, and so on to the group.

You can also start with a question. The questions can be prepared before the meeting and should be thought-provoking. The questions should also prompt a general discussion as members of the group try to answer them. Give group members time to recall information needed to answer the questions.

Another way that you can lead a discussion is to start with a controversial statement. You can purposely oppose an idea just so that members can challenge it, and a discussion will follow. Be sure to make your members know that you are playing the “devil’s advocate” and why you are doing it.

As the discussion progresses, try to achieve maximum discussion participation. Use questions that probe the feelings, reactions or perceptions of group members. Encourage everyone to talk through direct questioning.

Don’t answer every question. Encourage others in the group to react to statements made by a group member. Try to refer questions or comments addressed to you to the whole group unless you are the only one who can answer.

As the leader of a discussion group, tries to limit the number of topics to be covered per session. Too much of topics in a session might prove difficult for members to follow and resolutions about the discussions achieved.

Leading any group isn’t easy, but these pointers covered here will help you achieve some level of coordination in your discussion group.