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A discussion group is a group of individuals, who share a similar interest, and gather either formally or informally to discuss ideas about such interest. They attempt to proffer solutions to problems, interact and make comments.

Members of a discussion group can converse by meeting in person, conducting conference calls, using text messaging, or using a website such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Zoom and so on.

Sometimes we notice things in our society and wish we could do something about them. Starting a discussion group could be a way out. People start discussion groups for various reasons.

A discussion group could be the springboard for introspection, guidance, and perspective. It can be what a group need to spill thoughts, ideas, and questions and get feedback from a variety of perspectives.

A discussion group, if not well managed, can go die off quickly. There can be as many discussion groups as there are ideas in society. So you must take steps to ensure that you start and run a discussion group successfully.

After you have decided that you want to start a discussion group, identify two or three persons who share the same interest and are willing to work with you. Choose a central location, plan the frequency of your meetings and do enough publicity to attract members.

When you want to lead a discussion in a group, you must begin the discussion first. You can do this in the form of a question, sharing a common experience or making a controversial statement.

This blog is about discussion groups in Britain, their events and activities and the sorts of topics they discuss.