Yemen Uprising

Yemen Uprising

The first serious military confrontation between Britain and the Ottoman Empire took place when the British deep state bought a few greedy sheikhs in order to gain a foothold in the city of Aden, Yemen, an important and valuable Ottoman province. Seeking to further solidify its presence, the British deep state began to search for a reliable fortress in northeast Yemen. Historian Süleyman Kocabaş describes the furtive steps that led to the invasion of Yemen:

After Britain entered Aden, it continued to advance in the northeast direction and resorted to all imaginable methods to achieve its goal of seizing the fertile lands ahead. They wore Arab clothes, spoke Arabic, deceived Arabs with promises of independence; all for the sake of interests of their island.(Süleyman Kocabaş, Osmanlı İsyanlarında Yabancı Parmağı, pp. 91-92)

This was the reason behind the notorious Yemen uprisings that took place while it was under Ottoman rule. The Empire dispatched corps and even small armies to suppress the riots, but despite suffering massive casualties, it lost Yemen. Once again, a few sheikhs, who viewed their personal interests over those of their country, preferred to be pawns of the British deep state. Their horrible betrayal caused the martyrdom of thousands of people.

  British Provocateur : William John Hamilton


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