The Writings of Mateos of Edessa [Urfa]

Famous Armenian historian from Urfa, Mateos described the Seljuk approach to Armenians:

‘Malik-Shah’s heart was full of compassion and goodness for the Christians. He treated the children of Jesus very kindly. He brought peace, wealth and happiness to the Armenian people.’

Mateos also wrote the following after the death of Sultan Kilij Arslan:

The death of Kilij Arslan deeply saddened the Christians. This Sultan had a noble character and loved to help. (Matthew of Edessa, Urfalı Mateos Vekayi-namesi (952-1136), The Chronicle, no.129, p. 146)

These examples clearly show the peaceful atmosphere that Armenians enjoyed for centuries of their harmonious co-existence with Turks.

  The Only Solution to the Armenian Issue is Love and Unity


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