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The Ultimate Goal: ‘Communist USA’

The Ultimate Goal: ‘Communist USA’

We have seen how the British deep state has also taken control of the USA, as they have the rest of the world. The above statements by various US Presidents only confirm this truth. The British deep state’s influence in the US will be examined further in following chapters.

However, it should be particularly noted that the Committee of 300, and other similar committees reporting to the British deep state, are only small parts of the effort to ‘make the US a communist nation’. The wide-scaled efforts to this end have continued until today and have become even clearer with the two-term presidency of the closet socialist Barack Obama.

The organization of the Committee of 300 is identical to the organization of the oldest British trade organization which in time transformed into East India Co., and later became British East India Co. This covert organization always sought to make the US a socialist-communist state, because they believed that once a communist order and British control was deeply settled in the US, taking control of other developed countries would be easier.(Dr. John Coleman, The Story of the Committee of 300, p.40)

British East India Co. was a deep state institution that introduced and installed communism around the world. As a result of their efforts, communism spread deeply in various societies and countries. They believed that the communist system should also take root in the US, because only then would the US go back to its roots and come under the British rule. The way to do that was by eliminating state and federal constitutions. The British deep state has long worked to achieve this.

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Dr. John Coleman, by means of his extensive researches, revealed that it was the British East India Co., and the Institute of Pacific Relations reporting to the Committee of 300, that financed the Pearl Harbor attack which was carried out on December 7, 1941. As the readers will recall, this very attack was the reason why the US entered the WWII as a British ally. This attack gave Roosevelt the necessary leverage in his quest to join the war with the British. Furthermore, after this attack it became easier to disseminate the propaganda that Germany had been seeking to occupy the US. Thus, all the artificial impetus needed for the US participation in the war had been provided.

Secret documents reveal that Roosevelt had known about the Pearl Harbor attack one month before it took place. Following the attack, rumors spread that the Japanese were planning even more attacks, which eventually led to the bombardment of Tokyo, where hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives, and ultimately to the two atom bomb disasters. This ‘US support’ in the war ensured the victory of British alliance in the war.

It is clear that the US, despite its power, could not shake off the effect and control of the British deep state. The plan to make the US a communist country is a ploy the British deep state has pursued for a long time and which it has implemented in gradual steps. There have been times when this plan for the US became more evident. First, the anti-communist identity of the US was emphasized and the country even fought in Korea and Vietnam to live up to this expectation. This was a part of the deep state’s plan, which sought to cement the idea that the world’s imperialist power was definitely against communism. However, as this took place, the stages designed to lead the US to communism were also put into practice in a gradual manner. Today, as a result of this careful strategy, the US is currently closer to communism than ever.

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