The Ugly Propaganda Continues

The Ugly Propaganda Continues

British deep state propaganda, which reached its peak during the world wars, continues, albeit through different methods. The effects of Wellington House propaganda haven’t been limited to that period but rather persist even today. Propaganda publications of Wellington House during WWI were systematically reprinted, and many books and researches referred to them for citations. Many of those books were posted on the Internet and spread around the world.

Today, Wellington House books are still suggested as textbooks for history classes in American and European colleges and universities. The issue of Turkey and Armenia has been a topic of particular interest to Wellington House and its many publications, including those of Toynbee and El-Ghusein (an imaginary person), are used by many historians and certain Armenian scientists as basic historical reference books. New editions of deceitful propaganda material from WWI, like The Blue Book, are printed and distributed around the world as if they are historical facts. The sinister British deep state propaganda continues as if nothing has happened, as if its plots were never revealed. The goal is trying to deceive those that haven’t heard and are not aware of this black propaganda.

A major part of world public is currently brainwashed with these made-up stories. Everything that the people learn from these sources is not fact, but what the propaganda office of the British deep state likes them to believe.

The breadth of the British deep state’s lies and defamation during that time was so extensive, even some British figures rose in protest:

British Foreign Minister Chamberlain admitted in his speech at House of Commons in December 1925 that all of those were propaganda lies. Four years after the war, the Belgians announced that all the claims in the said publications were untrue. British MP Arthur Ponsonby gave a detailed account of false news reports prepared by the British propaganda offices during WWI… In 1938, British author and diplomat Harold Nicolson said the following during his speech at the Parliament: ‘We lied damnably during the war’.(Eugene Davidson, The Making of Adolf Hitler: The Birth and Rise of Nazism, 1997, p. 97

Most information in The Blue Book came from Henry Morgenthau, who had stayed only 26 months in Istanbul during WWI as the American ambassador. In his book, Morgenthau told the lie that Ottomans were persecuting Armenians. Years later, the Associated Press declared these claims in Morgenthau’s book untrue. American Professor Heath W. Lowry said the book was a record of “crude half-truths and outright falsehoods“. (Winter, J.M., America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915, p.302. Cambridge University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-521-82958-5)

  The Propaganda Bureau of The British Deep State: Wellington House


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