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Provocation Policy of the British Deep State

When the British deep state decided to dismember the Ottoman Empire, its first step was inciting regional riots. Its spies and minions as mentioned in the previous chapter played important roles in these riots. One shouldn’t think that minorities living under Ottoman rule actually participated in these risings. On the …

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Loyal Servants of British Imperialism in the Ottoman Political Scene

During the years leading up to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Istanbul government consisted mainly of politicians that thought salvation lay in an alliance with Britain. These people believed that their future depended on the mercy of the British imperialism. For instance: 1- Mustafa Resid Pasha, who was …

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Churchill Planned to Use Chemical Gas on the Turks in Gallipoli

According to the documents at the Churchill Archives Center, Churchill, then Secretary of State for War, claimed that the Turks were not human, but barbarians, and therefore poisonous gas could be used on them. Churchill criticized his colleagues for their squeamishness in using chemical weapons, saying: ‘I am strongly in favor …

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