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The Tavistock Institute

The Tavistock Institute

The Tavistock Clinic was founded in 1921 by John Rawlings Rees, a medical officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps. The Tavistock Clinic, which operated as a psychological warfare organization during WWII, was reconstructed and enlarged in 1946 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, and initiated as the Tavistock Institute. Rockefeller assigned Tavistock the duty of carrying out and implementing wide-scale war researches. The main area of practice, though in various locations around the world, was in the US. The institute and its works continue to be the best-kept secret of the US.

Sigmund Frued
Sigmund Frued

The Tavistock Institute is particularly inspired by the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s research on ‘controlling human behavior’. The institute sought to control human behavior and shape the communities in line with their interests. This was planned as a method to take the society under control by use of psychological means.

Today the institute has a wide cooperation network including the University of Sussex, Stanford Research Institute, Esalen Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Center for Strategic and International Studies of Georgetown University (CSIS), Air Force Intelligence, the RAND Corporation, the MITRE Corporation, the Mont Pèlerin Society, the Trilateral Commission, the Ditchley Foundation and the Club of Rome. All OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and CIA programs are developed under the supervision of Tavistock Institute.

Today Tavistock Institute operates a 6 billion US dollar per year network of foundations in the United States and describes its strategic mission as transformation from industrial nation-states to a post-industrial global world state and transferring the rule to a few oligarchs. In plain words, the purpose of the institution is building the ‘single world state’ under the supervision of the British deep state, as it is the ultimate goal of all secret organizations.

  The Ultimate Goal: 'Communist USA'

The duty undertaken by Tavistock Institute to achieve this goal was approaching people through psychological means and weaken their power with psychoanalytic effects. The main method was to develop ways to influence people. This way, they hoped, people wouldn’t oppose the dictators of the deep world state appointed by the British deep state as the world moved towards the single communist world state. To this end, the scientists at Tavistock Institute worked for years on developing ways to weaken family bonds, destroy values like religion, honor, and patriotic feelings and to replace them with morally degenerating behavior such as sexual perversion and homosexuality.

Tavistock Institute constantly works on mass brainwashing techniques and frequently puts them to the test on various societies. They design incidents that will leave people afraid, concerned and worried, study the results and work to change their psychological and neurologic states. When worry becomes a part of a society, it becomes much easier to manipulate the masses. It should be remembered that one of the biggest goals of the British deep state has always been taking societies under their control.


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