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Supporters of the British Deep State During the Occupation

Supporters of the British Deep State During the Occupation

The previous pages dealt with how the British deep state implemented its plan to occupy Istanbul: how they managed to secure public support with their anti-Turkish propaganda, forged military alliances with other countries, manipulated governments and the clauses of the agreements to make them compatible with occupation, suppressed potential dissension and eventually launched the occupation on March 16, 1920. For the occupation to continue, there had to be not only military, economic or political power, but also local supporters as well. This section will be revealing some names and organizations that actively got involved in the occupation, wittingly or otherwise.

Said Molla, who was the editor of Yeni Istanbul, a pro-British daily published during occupation years, wrote a piece on November 9, 1918 entitled, Britain and Us‘, in a clear display of the approach of certain Ottoman authorities to the British:

… Since our people across Anatolia has developed extensive admiration and respect for the British, it is clear that any small British aid to Turkey will be extremely successful. … Ottomans, old Turks can find prosperity and welfare only with the earnest help of the noble British people.(SOURCE)

In the aftermath of the occupation, the British deep state built a huge network of spies, all harboring anti-Muslim feelings, in an attempt to curb the Anatolian resistance. While some of these spies were on the British payroll, others volunteered. Apparently, the power of the British mesmerized some.

Occupation officers used some dervish lodges for intelligence purposes and Galata’s Mawlawi House was the most frequently used one. John Bennett, the head of Military Intelligence “B” Division, as previously mentioned, usually frequented this Mawlawi House. He writes about his days as follows:

I was instructed to find out what the dervishes were doing. … Any dervish might be a secret agent in disguise, or he might be a fanatical missionary on behalf of some politico-religious fraternity. Another important factor was the dervish fraternities, of which the most influential was believed to be the Mevlevi Brotherhood.(John Bennett, Witness: The Story of a Search, USA: Bennett Books, 1997 )

The British deep state would pick and train intelligence operatives one by one to ensure their loyalty. For certain Istanbulians, flattery, little money and promises of a good future seemed to have been enough. Apparently, to them, petty gains were more important than the salvation of their country. As the British occupiers later detailed, there were some Istanbulians who consorted with the British deep state, pretending to be fond of the British. Nevertheless, none of these can change the fact that evil plots and the treachery of spies are always doomed to fail and God’s destiny will always prevail. This is exactly what happened.

  A Claim of Upholding Minority Rights is a Typical British Deep State Method for Justification of Its Occupations

I will give them more time. My strategy is sure. (Qur’an, 7:183)


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