Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones

The Society of Skull and Bones, founded in Yale University in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, is a student community that is particularly interesting due to its secret structure and the way its students are selected. Although it is based at Yale University, it is connected to the British deep state. Yale University is named after Elihu Yale, who had gone to school in Britain and worked as a British East India Co. governor. It was explained before how the British East India Co. was, in many ways, a center that gave birth to many covert organizations and which originally helped carry out the secret activities of the British deep state. Elihu Yale, after making hefty sums of money within the company, returned to Britain and continued his covert operations there. Because of the donations he sent to a school in Connecticut, the college was renamed Yale in 1718.(SOURCE)

Conditions to becoming a member of Skull and Bones are represented with the phrase WASP, which stands for: W=White, AS=Anglo-Saxon and P=Protestant. In other words, Anglo-Saxon origins and Protestant faith are requirements of membership. Leaders take care that new members have been Anglo-Saxons and Protestant for the past 6 to 7 generations. In other words, their origins must be in England and people from other origins and faiths are not admitted.

This institution is also working for the so-called idea of the single world religion. Therefore, the Protestant faith is only a pretense to guarantee Anglo-Saxon origins, because as with other similar organizations, this group is not religious and, on the contrary, seeks to spread atheism.

  British East India Company

No one has access to the members list, including the university administration. Only 15 people are admitted to this group every year and these people are later brought to key positions in the country. The families and friends of the members also benefit from this membership. Admission is possible only by invitation and inauguration is very similar to that of the Masonic organizations. Their rites are secret and no information can be leaked outside.

This covert organization is usually considered as the US branch of the Illuminati. The only difference is that the said organization usually focuses on young people.

Skull and Bones enjoys a lot of influence. It has direct connections with Rosicrucians, the Trilateral Commission and the CFR. It has had more than 2,500 members in the past 150 years and is considered as one of the most basic ideologists of the new world order. The British deep state uses this organization as an important leverage to keep the US under control. By means of this and other similar organizations, it runs all operations from Europe and has a direct influence on US domestic and foreign policies.


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