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Said Nursi Rejected Fatwas against the Nationalist Forces

Said Nursi Rejected Fatwas against the Nationalist Forces

The British deep state, right after the occupation of Istanbul, appointed certain so-called clerics as their henchmen. These so-called clerics who collaborated with the British issued a fatwa in 1920 maintaining that the British occupation was rightful and that the Nationalist Forces were not compatible with Islam. Muslim scholar Bediüzzaman Said Nursi was the first to refuse to accept this fatwa:

A fatwa issued by a government and Şeyhül-İslam’s Office in a country under enemy occupation and under the command and constraint of the British is defective and should not be heeded. Those operating against the enemy invasion are not rebels. The fatwa must be rescinded.( Şükran Vahide, Islam in Modern Turkey: An Intellectual Biography of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, p. 140)

Said Nursi also gave important details about the British deep state:

The distinctive quality of British [British deep state] politics is causing discord and unrest, benefitting from conflicts, orchestrating all sorts of evil conceivable to further their goals as well as lying, destroying, and negativity. Since they use corruption and degeneration for their politics, they encourage degeneration everywhere.(Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, Eski Said Dönemi Eserleri [Works of the Old Said Period], Istanbul: Yeni Asya Neşriyat, 2010, p. 537)

Said Nursi, with his powerful intellectual stance against Istanbul’s occupation and relevant black propaganda, was the most important cleric of the time. Hutuvat-i Sitte, which was secretly printed in Arabic and Turkish and circulated underground, was an important publication that boosted the nationalist spirit against the British. It is not surprising that following this publication, the British ordered that Said Nursi be killed. However, by the grace and protection of God, despite their extensive searches in Istanbul, the deep state couldn’t locate him.

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