The Royal Society
The Royal Society

The Royal Society

Britain had only just come out of a bloody civil war in 1660 and therefore had started a complicated restoration process. The Royal Society was founded during this hectic period. King Charles II was fond of experimental physics and therefore paved the way for the foundation of this institution. As the readers will recall, the Royal Society had Thomas Huxley, ‘the so-called Darwin’s bulldog’ amongst its members, where he was fervently working to spread Darwinism. As explained before, the basic goal of this institution was propagating atheism using the most effective methods possible. Spreading Darwinism was one of those methods.

The beginnings of the Royal Society go back to the unofficial and secret meetings named ‘Invisible College‘ organized by London scientists to debate ‘natural philosophy’ in 1645. Those scientists that were admitted to the Operative Masonic Lodges under Cromwell’s rule used to attend the secret meetings of atheist Masonic lodges and were thus acquainted with each other. (Operative Masonic lodges built cathedrals, castles, and palaces in the Middle Ages.)

‘Invisible College’ was founded by these people. This group, founded by Rosicrucians (a secret organization founded in Europe in the 16th century), inspired by British philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, would later transform into the Royal Society.

It is a known fact that the Royal Society was founded after homosexual philosopher Sir Francis Bacon selected other homosexuals and that the institution harbored homosexuals of the 17th century. Although the modern Royal Society doesn’t wish to admit this fact, many historical records will testify to this information. Indeed, another co-founder of the Royal Society, clergyman Dr. John Wilkins, was also homosexual. Wilkins held the first meetings in his home and in Wadham College (Wadham College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford) and laid the foundations of the Royal Society. Another co-founder, Sir Robert Moray, was a Scottish homosexual, whereas Robert Boyle, another member and who would later be elected president of the Royal Society, was an Irish homosexual.

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The fact that the Royal Society recently awarded Bruno Perreau, PhD, a research associate at the University of Cambridge, for his work What’s a family? Social work and gay adoption in France and in the United Kingdom, shows that the institution still supports similar views.

The meetings that were held in Wadham College at Oxford in 1648 played a great role in the shaping of the Royal Society. The most important reason behind the foundation of this society in the guise of being scientific was helping build the idea of evolution. These secret organizations and groups provided the basis of the evolution deceit, which would not be officially promoted until the 1800s. This movement that started as a secretive debate society for natural philosophy was actually intended to produce a lie under the guise of science. At the onset of this lay the aforementioned invisible colleges, which were then institutionalized under the lead of the said homosexual administrators and were named the Royal Society.

The mechanical universe understanding of Isaac Newton, who was elected the president of the Royal Society in 1703 and remained in this position until his death in 1727, was used to develop the anti-religion philosophy of the Royal Society. All members of the Royal Society lent great support to Darwin both before and after the publication of his book and offered their own contributions.

The first foundations of Chatham House, listed amongst the supporting institutions of the deep state activities, were also laid by the Royal Society. Chatham House and other institutions that the British deep state exploits for intelligence and various other purposes will be dealt with in more details further on.

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