Provocation Policy of the British Deep State

Provocation Policy of the British Deep State

When the British deep state decided to dismember the Ottoman Empire, its first step was inciting regional riots. Its spies and minions as mentioned in the previous chapter played important roles in these riots. One shouldn’t think that minorities living under Ottoman rule actually participated in these risings. On the contrary, those riots were organized by hypocrites and sycophants in various ethnical groups who chose to betray their country for petty personal gains.

By the end of the 19th century, the British deep state managed to tear Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, and Montenegro from the Ottoman Empire, and then Macedonia, Salonica (modern Thessaloniki) and Manastır (modern Bitola) in the early 20th century. The same ‘minority’ provocation was once again active, the same provocative British spies were once again on the scene, and nations that had harmoniously co-existed for 600 years under Ottoman rule were presented as people opposed to the Ottoman Empire. By means of their spies and mercenaries, they created civil unrest and riots in these regions. During this time, close to 5 million Balkan Muslims were martyred, while another 5 million were forced to flee to Anatolia. The British deep state carried out a wide-scaled massacre.

Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Romania, which declared independence with the help of the British deep state, couldn’t escape becoming puppets. Despite having lived in peace for centuries in the Ottoman Empire, these nations, on behalf of the British deep state, attacked the Ottoman Empire in the Balkan Wars. Similarly, Greece occupied Anatolia prior to the War of Independence.

  Friends of England during the Occupation of Istanbul

The riots that had the most deadly effect on the Empire were the Arab riots. Directly instigated by British spy Lawrence, these riots achieved their goal due to the support of anglophile sycophants.

Armenian riots, another factor that contributed to the fall of the Empire, will be examined in further detail in the next part of the book.

British deep state policy is based on pitting nations against nations. Within a matter of one hundred years, Balkan nations fought the Ottoman Empire, the Armenians fought the Turks, the Kurds fought the Armenians, the Arabs fought each other and the Turks, the Caucasians fought each other and the Armenians. The British units that attacked the Ottoman Empire consisted of provoked colonized nations. During this process, the British deep state never directly took part, instead used its spies, propaganda tools and the media outlets and provoked poor people.

While Darwinism and moral corruption were eroding the moral values of the Ottoman society, debts were crippling its economy and the hypocrites were working on destroying the patriotic consciousness. This loss took a disastrous toll not only on the Ottoman Empire, but on the nations mentioned as well. From that point on, these regions were ensnared by the British deep state and were turned into pawns, and civil unrest still continues.


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