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The Pious Turkish People Rejected the British Hegemony

The Pious Turkish People Rejected the British Hegemony

British leaders, reeling from the shock of the Turkish victory at Lausanne, made several comments to feel better about their loss, while the British deep state took every opportunity to state its dream that Turkey would eventually be destroyed even if it hadn’t happened at Lausanne.

Lord Curzon, the British Foreign Secretary who headed the Lausanne talks for a long time, sent an instruction to Paris and Rome ambassadors of Britain only nine days after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne. He stated that Turkey was a small country and that the Allies shouldn’t send ambassadors to Turkey, as a low-level officer like an acting ambassador would be more appropriate.(SOURCE)

Only 21 days after the treaty was signed at Lausanne, Sir Nevile Meyrick Henderson, the British diplomat in Istanbul, made the following comment in his letter sent to London:

Turkey has lost land, grown poor and depopulated. It would be more than necessary to send an ambassador to an insignificant country like Turkey in terms of her size, wealth and population… If the current Turkish government cannot persist – I believe they won’t last long – then the Turkish Government will come to that city where the British Embassy is located. It will inevitably drift with our support. In this setting of anarchy the current government will topple down and another government that will ally with us shall come to power.(SOURCE)

There was, of course a reason why Henderson sounded so confident. The British deep state had successfully applied the same strategy on many countries before. And as Henderson pointed out, those countries eventually began to move in the direction shown by the British deep state. However, Henderson wasn’t taking into account the unshakable determination and faith of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Turkish people. No one had the power to put the Turkish state into shackles when they had such a great leader and such a pious nation. The representatives of the British deep state, who were making these arrogant comments before and after Lausanne, over time understood that they wouldn’t be able to defeat this devout nation. In fact, Gladstone’s comment in the 1800s that the Qur’an had to be taken away from the Turks if they were ever to be defeated showed that since the 19th century the British knew this faithful nation could never be defeated.

Turkey is a sacred country from where the Mahdi (pbuh) will emerge, and Istanbul is a holy city that will see this blessed appearance. Both the Mahdi (pbuh) and this sacred location will always be under God’s protection. Therefore, it is not in Turkey’s destiny to fall for the plots of sly deep states, or to be divided or to fall apart. No insidious plot against Turkey succeeded in the past, and none will in the future. The members of the British deep state that devise plans against Turkey should keep this truth in mind for good and all.

God will defend those who believe. God does not love any thankless traitor. (Qur’an, 22:38)

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