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Organizers of the Occupation and their Connections to the Deep State

Organizers of the Occupation and their Connections to the Deep State

Churchill, the then British Prime Minister said:

The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavour is taking place, an important plan, on which realisation we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind.(SOURCE)

Öcalan, the leader of terrorist PKK, also explains how the British deep state is actually controlling the terror group that he started, and that such basic policies are always planned by these deep powers:

Britain is the country that has the wisest approach to our issue. They granted license to MED TV. Britain builds the policies and makes US implement them. I think Britain is the one building the main policies and gets its collaborators in Europe, but most particularly the US implement these policies. There are no documents proving this, which is impossible anyway. But one has to see that everything in Europe all comes down to Britain. It has a very deep attitude with regards to the issues.(Arslan Tekin, İmralı’daki Konuk [Guest at Imrali], Istanbul, Bilgeoğuz Yayınları, 2009, pp. 57-435)

In April, 2008, Öcalan made the following statement in İmralı, pointing to the British deep state:

Since the 16th century, [the British] have been planning in London what will happen in the rest of the world.

They manipulate the public opinion, too. Marx was living in London; they deliberately kept him there. Marx shaped his ideas there, and spread them around the world from there. … Queen Elizabeth kept Marx under close watch. Marx, Lenin, Mao; they were all duped by the British.(SOURCE)

The British deep state needs people to implement and manage its plans. In the following pages, the readers are going to get acquainted with those that managed and implemented the plan to partition the Ottoman Empire, based on the occupation of Istanbul.

  A Claim of Upholding Minority Rights is a Typical British Deep State Method for Justification of Its Occupations


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