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Moral Values Decline as Darwinism Spreads

Moral Values Decline as Darwinism Spreads

In the first part of the book, readers have seen how the theory of evolution, the biggest scientific blunder in history, was molded by members of the British deep state before being imposed on the people of the world. It was also explained that the desire to erase moral, spiritual, familial and patriotic sentiments all around the world in a bid to create open societies inclined to conflict was the real reason why Darwinism was so intensely supported. The British deep state hoped that the theory would help spread its dajjali system around the world, help disintegrate the Islamic community and degenerate Christian and Jewish communities. It considered this an easy way to drag societies into conflicts and moral decline.

The British deep state made sure to choose the right time to introduce the scourge of Darwinism to the Ottoman Empire. By the late 19th century the Empire had largely lost its power and influence. Disguised as ‘enlightenment’, the scourge entered and spread sinisterly in the Ottoman lands with the help of certain people who imagined that subscribing to materialism was equivalent to being modern. Associations, institutions and schools that were opened under British deep state’s supervision worked to indoctrinate the people into Darwinism. As a result, the noble Turkish nation that represented the Caliphate, as well as all Muslim nations, fell into the clutches of a movement that maintained ‘there is no God’ (God is above such remarks).

After the poison was injected, the rest came easy for the British deep state. As Darwinism spread in the body, the goal of an Islamic Union was forgotten, the Muslim world was divided, and people lost their religious and patriotic values, which were most often replaced by hypocritical behaviors. From that point on, the British deep state was able to easily manipulate the Ottoman society by means of its spies and propaganda tools. In fact, at one point, it was able to dictate to statesmen and sultans like Abdul Hamid II whom they kept under pressure.

  Baldwin Wake Walker (Yavir Pasha)

For these reasons, it would be an accurate conclusion to say that the first main contributing factor to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire was Darwinism.


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