Who is Midhat Pasha?

Who is Midhat Pasha?

Midhat Pasha, influenced by the British deep state, plunged the Ottoman Empire in a war with Russia. He was also one of the three plotters of the coup that dethroned and caused the martyrdom of Sultan Abdülaziz. Interestingly, he was also behind the riot that led to the coup. It is also known that he had planned the coup with the British ambassador Elliot.(George Washburn, Fifty Years in Constantinople and Recollections of Robert College, 1909, p. 106)

During his first term as the grand vizier, he signed a decree that allowed Egypt to receive foreign loans, which ultimately caused Egypt to come under British rule. Ármin Vámbéry, known as a British spy of the Abdul Hamid II era, was the French tutor of Midhat Pasha.

It is also known that during his time as the governor of Baghdad, he sought to bring the Kuwait Emirate under British rule.

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