Who Is Lord Curzon?

Who is Lord Curzon?

George Curzon, known as Lord Curzon, was the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Lloyd George government. He was the one who came up with the idea that

The Euphrates forms the western border of India“.(Habibollah Atarodi, Great Powers, Oil and the Kurds in Mosul, University Press of America, 2003, p. XV)

He was convinced that to uphold the British deep state policies, and to ensure full control of India, Arab and Kurdish regions within Ottoman borders should have been placed under British mandate.

Whatever we want, you reject. Now we are putting them into our pockets but you are a poor country that just came out of war. You will need money for development. When you come to us for this in the future, we will bring them in front of you and we will get them. (Hasan Saygın and Murat Çimen, Turkish Economic Policies and External Dependency, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p. 48)

Lord Curzon said these words to İsmet İnönü during Lausanne negotiations. Even today, all the rights won back in Lausanne are brought up on different occasions in an apparent attempt to take them back. As a matter of fact, EU persistence that Turkey change its anti-terror laws in exchange for visa-free movement is nothing other than the reincarnation of Curzon’s threat.

Curzon expressed his deplorable views about our honorable people on his notes dated February 4, 1920:

Turks must be thrown out of Europe. As the American Senator Lodge said, Istanbul should be totally taken from Turks, this nest of pestilence, creator of wars and blasphemy for neighbors, should be wiped off from Europe. Turks are the redskins of Asia and so will their end be like them.(SOURCE) (The Honorable Turkish Nation is above such statements)

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