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Kurdistan Plan of the British Deep State

Kurdistan Plan of the British Deep State

Confidential British documents reveal the British deep state plans to break up the Turkish territory and build a Kurdistan in its place:

Admiral A. Calthorpe:

… Major Noel says that if he can reach an agreement with Kurdish chiefs, that will be useful. (Sayyid) Abdülkadir and Bedir Khan, the Kurdish chiefs in Istanbul, are less important people. They will go to Kurdish regions separately from Noel, so as to not rouse suspicion… Kurds haven’t yet risen up against Mustafa Kemal but Noel is sure that he can make it happen.

Mr. Hohler:

… My problem is KURDS. Noel came here from Baghdad… He wishes to be the prophet of the Kurds… I am afraid Noel may turn out a Kurdish Lawrence.’. Since Mesopotamia is going to belong to us now, we can make him found a KURDISH STATE and defend the northern mountains. I spoke to (Sayyid) Abdülkadir and the likes of him. I made it as clear as words five times repeated can make things clear that we were not out for intrigues against the Turks, and that I could promise nothing whatsoever as regards the future of Kurdistan. [The Kurds] are like a rainbow of every shade of colour. Since the aim of her Majesty’s government is weakening the Turks as much as possible, it is not a bad idea to mobilize Kurds like this.

Admiral Webb:

Kurdish nationalists were probably aware by spring 1919 that the Allies were thinking of partitioning eastern Anatolia between an Armenian state in the vilayets of Erzerum and Trabzon under American auspices, and a Kurdish state in the remaining four vilayets of Bitlis, Van, Diyarbakir and Elazig, presumably under British auspices. The prime minister was very impressed with the idea…

Mr. Hohler:

… I don’t care about the situation of the KURDS AND ARMENIANS. We pay attention to the Kurdish problem only because of Mesopotamia. On the other hand, Wilson is scaring me, his agents are always making mistakes. But he [Noel] is another fanatic … I agree with you that the BORDERS OF ARMENIA AND KURDISTAN ARE NOT DEFINITE. KURDISH PROBLEM exists to create a satisfactory border in Mesopotamia…

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… Mr. Hohler talked to Kurdish leader Sheikh Said Abdülkadir Pasha for the Kurdish problem. Kurds have pinned their hopes on the British. In the meantime, Mustafa Kemal is getting more dangerous. Forces are ready to spend whatever is necessary to use the Kurds against Mustafa Kemal.

Meeting notes:

… Kurdish tribes will be placed under British and French protection, NO TURK will be left at all in KURDISTAN. It will be decided if it is going to be a SINGLE KURDISH STATE or multiple small KURDISH STATES. Weapons will be supplied to Armenians via Americans… A secret organization was set up in Istanbul and is declaring nationalists traitors…

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… Kurdistan must detach from Turkey completely and gain autonomy. We can reconcile the Kurdish and Armenian interests. Sayyid Abdülkadir, the head of the Kurdish club in Istanbul and Şerif Pasha, the Kurdish delegate in Paris, are at your service.

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… [Grand Vizier] Damad Ferid came to me and said, ‘According to the peace treaty, Kurds will have their separate state. Kurdish leaders don’t like Mustafa Kemal. You hate Mustafa Kemal because he doesn’t accept the treaty you prepared. Then let’s all together, mobilize Kurds against Mustafa Kemal.’


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