Who is Kamil Pasha?

Who is Kamil Pasha?

Having spent 9 years as grand vizier, Kamil Pasha was another Ottoman officer that was called ‘English‘ for his anglophile nature. His visit to London in 1851 for an exhibition left him with a lifelong admiration for England. This admiration was such common knowledge, from spies’ reports to embassy notes, that the matter was discussed everywhere. When he was assigned to Rhodes while he was the governor of Izmir, he sought refuge in the British Consulate. Only after the Sultan gave a personal assurance, he returned to Istanbul.

When he was the Izmir governor, Kamil Pasha worked with the British to create an autonomous region in Izmir, just as in Egypt. Many historians believe that Abdul Hamid II secretly supported him in this endeavor.

His final term as the Grand Vizier ended when he had to resign at gunpoint by Enver Pasha. He then sought refuge with his close friend Lord Kitchener, British Consul-General in charge of Egypt at the time.

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