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The intellectuals should expose the British deep state’s ploys

ADNAN OKTAR: The British deep state had striven very hard to separate the Ottoman Empire since the reign of Abdulhamid with a ruthless determination, or even long before that. And it made a substantial progress. And now the British deep state is making its last moves to tear the remaining handful of land we have apart. If we do not bring this ploy to light, if we do not take the necessary precautions, these cowards might achieve their goal. For that reason, writers, columnists, philosophers must absolutely expose this system with greater enthusiasm and determination. They should disclose the vile deeds of the British deep state. In that case, all the power they have will be neutralized. We will encourage the countries as well. Russia has made a nice initial effort, but it is not enough. All countries must spiritually rise against these cowards through law and legislation.

  The attack plan aimed at the religious sects is devised by the British deep state


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