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‘An Independent State of Constantinople’: A Plan to Control the Straits

‘An Independent State of Constantinople’: A Plan to Control the Straits

The post-war plan of the British deep state for Istanbul was to make it an independent state. The new state would straddle the Bosphorus Strait and would stretch to Çatalca in Europe and Izmit in Asia. This state was intended as a satellite-state that would secure British control over the straits. For this reason, the Dardanelles Strait and the Marmara Islands were also going to be included within the borders of this state. They planned for this state to be under the auspices of the League of Nations (the United Nations today) and there would be arms-free buffer zones between this state and its neighbors. The government would be run by British and French delegates in turns. According to the plan, it would be completely independent of the Ottoman Empire but independent of the Allies ONLY in terms of finance, justice and gendarme forces.

Today the same project is brought up on different occasions under various disguises. There are different models suggested such as making Istanbul a unique autonomous region, or its accession to EU apart from Turkey, with a different status. In a map published by The New York Times on May 14, 2016, Turkey is shown divided into different states, where Istanbul is shown as an independent state. As mentioned before, the plans of the British deep state are never shelved, they are only suspended or the players are changed. All their plans are put into motion as soon as the right time comes, even when that right time is centuries later.

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However, the important thing is the fact that no one will ever be able to divide Turkey. There is no division or separation in the destiny of Turkey. Therefore, no matter how formidable or fool-proof the plans of the British deep state might seem, it will never be able to surmount the destiny created by Almighty God.

The problem of the British deep state during those days was their underestimation of the independence campaign and the patriotism of the Turks. The current representatives of the deep state are making that very same mistake today. These deep structure representatives with their mafia-like mentality fail to grasp the love of Turks for their country, nation and flag. They wrongly believe that they can achieve their goals by publishing in various media organs maps of an imaginary divided Turkey, making sinister connections with terror groups to this end or by using local spies/sycophants. They fail to understand that the Turkish Nation will never ever allow this to happen. They will soon understand that their plans will come to nothing and that there is no division in the destiny of Turkey.

In fact, the real problem of the British deep state is their inability to understand that God’s plan supersedes all other plans because God’s infinite power will overrule all insidious plans. God’s plan for destiny will definitely take place. Almighty God will never allow sincere, honest, righteous and pious people to fail:

God will not give the unbelievers any way against the believers… (Qur’an, 4:141)


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