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The Importance of Istanbul

The Importance of Istanbul

The first book ever written by the British deep state on their plans regarding the Ottoman and Turkish lands was William Ewart Gladstone’s Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East, published on September 5, 1876. This book was particularly important because its author had served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom four separate times, for a period of 15 years in total. That wasn’t Gladstone’s only notable position though. He also acted as a member of the Privy Council -one of the key institutions under the influence of the British deep state operating as a body of advisers to the Queen- and spent 57 years in that position. Lord Curzon, Lloyd George and Horace Rumbold, about whom more will be told in the following chapters, were also members of this Council. In his notorious 64-page book, Gladstone laid out his plan to break the Ottoman Empire into pieces and presented his plan with the pretense of examining “the Question of the East”.

In his book, Gladstone provided secret tactics to disintegrate empires from within. Indeed, shortly after the book was published, British politicians developed a sudden fondness for the minorities living under Ottoman rule. Supporting those with independence ambitions, they provoked the minorities against the Ottoman rule. Gladstone sided with the Bulgarians, Lloyd George with the Greeks and the Armenians, Lord Curzon with the Kurds and Winston Churchill sided with the Arabs. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with politicians and leaders forming friendly relations with ethnical groups. On the contrary, this forms a desirable picture. Regrettably, however, these new friendships were not real and were only intended to further British interests and break apart the Ottoman Empire. Unsurprisingly, as soon as British interests ceased to exist, so did those so-called friendships.

  The Deep Plan that Began with the Battle of Gallipoli

Gladstone’s book was the epitome of black propaganda (the honorable Turkish Nation is above all the ill-natured remarks made by Gladstone). In this book, he referred to Turks as ‘the one great anti-human specimen of humanity‘ and hoped that they would clear out from the lands they ruled. Gladstone didn’t refrain from defaming Turks and said:

No Government ever has so sinned; none has so proved itself so incorrigible in sin, or which is the same, so impotent in reformation‘.(W.E. Gladstone, Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East, New York and Montreal, Lovell, Adam, Wesson and Company, 1876, p. 39)

The only reason behind all this defamation and slander was that Gladstone was one of the most powerful names in the British deep state, which wished to dismember the Ottoman Empire completely.


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