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The Impact of Some So-Called Missionaries on the Armenian Community

The Impact of Some So-Called Missionaries on the Armenian Community

British consuls were constantly telling lies about Ottoman administration to our Armenian citizens and were showing British as their savior. To this end, they would tour Armenian villages and spread their propaganda. One telegram sent from the province of Adana to the Minister of Internal Affairs described such separatist activities of the consuls very clearly:

Captain Cooper, the British Deputy Consul in Adana, is given this assignment only for overseeing the issues of British citizens like a normal deputy consul according to the imperial edict issued by the British State. However since the first day he arrived here, he has been portraying himself as a defender of the downtrodden. He has been asking people who have lost in courts to go to him, accepts the petitions and suggestions of tradesmen and complainants, promising to help them. He then goes and questions the prosecutors about their decisions and says, ‘why did the court make this decision‘, slanders the Ottoman Empire before the complainants and tries to win their hearts by praising the justice of Britain. His actions have passed the borders of being tolerable… Rumors have begun circulating around here that this place will be left to the British like Cyprus has been handed over to them and that’s why the consul came in the first place, and that Kozan, Zeytun, Dersim and Van would be entrusted to the autonomous management of an Armenian governor that would be called Armenia like in Bulgaria.There is no need to explain how dangerous this development is for the independence and jurisdiction of the Ottoman Empire and how it will damage the order and safety of the country. If the situation continues, the opinions of the citizens will completely change and things will get even more dangerous. Not having any instructions as to how we should proceed with regards to these developments leaves me in a state of confusion and trouble as my sense of duty and my desire to protect the dignity of the government require me to take action. Please kindly send me your detailed instructions as to what should be done.(T.C. Başbakanlık Devlet Arşivleri Genel Müdürlüğü, p. 31) (December 15, 1879)

After a while, the activities referred to in the above telegram began to affect some Armenians. While many of our Armenian citizens remained loyal to the state, some of them -albeit few- were swayed by the British deep state. For its plan to break up the Ottoman Empire, the British deep state required intelligence from Anatolia. These Armenian rebels working under the British deep state’s control acted as the fifth branch of the British intelligence operations between 1890 and 1922. During the Gallipoli Campaign, as well as the Armenian incidents in Adana and the 1915 riots, the British intelligence and Armenian rebel groups worked closely together, because those Armenian rebels, having lived in Anatolia for a very long time, were as knowledgeable of Anatolia as the Turks. In other words, the Armenian insurgency provided the much-needed intelligence to the British deep state for its full-fledged war on the Ottoman Empire. This exploitation and recruitment of some Armenians that the British deep state managed to deceive was nothing other than the implementation of a plan that had been elaborately developed over a course of almost 100 years.

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