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The Great War Is Looming

The Great War Is Looming

Prior to WWI, the British deep state stepped up its pressure and threats towards the Ottoman Empire and in an atypical fashion, deliberately created tension. British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, known for his hatred of the Turks, was frequently heard saying to people in his immediate circle how the Turkish lands should be shared. He would attempt to insult the Ottoman Empire with statements like ‘too rotten to survive’ and suggested that its territories should be shared by big states, particularly Britain.

His letter to Ottoman Grand Vizier Said Pasha on June 28, 1895, was full of threats:

Every day the opinion grows that the Ottoman state will not endure.(Taner Akçam, From Empire To Republic, New York: Zoryan Institute, 2004, p. 77)

General feeling [in Britain] is increasingly to the effect that the Ottoman Empire will not continue to exist.(Grand Vizier Said Pasha, Sait Paşa’nın Hatıratı (Memoirs of Said Pasha), Vol. 1)

With the start of the 20th century, the British deep state reassessed its friends and foes according to the plans it made for the post-war era. Russia was no longer a rival, but Germany was. It was carefully avoiding a friendly attitude towards the Ottoman Empire and pursued a passive policy. Accordingly, Edward VII of Britain and Nicholas II of Russia met at the Bay of Reval on June 8-9, 1908 and signed a treaty. These developments were clear signs that the British deep state was making good on Salisbury’s threat in his letter that read ‘What contributes to the existence of the Ottoman Empire, is the fact that Britain is not allied with Russia. If an alliance comes out, the Ottoman Empire will perish.’( Prof. Dr. Ömer Kürkçüoğlu, “An Evaluation of the Ottoman Empire’s Entry Into the World War”)

All these pre-war strategies of the British deep state were designed to establish who would be on its side, and who would be against it during the war. The only thing left was writing the script for the events that would start the war.

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