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The Foundations that Shape the British Interests

The Foundations that Shape the British Interests

The British deep state has always sought to impose the dominion of British ethnicity, British interests and power since the inception of the British Empire. The deep state, which is in truth an underground organization, worked to pursue this goal and tried to access various administrational roles under a legal guise. These efforts sometimes came from within the government agencies themselves, and most of the times through various covert organizations and foundations. These organizations and foundations tried many methods to uphold the best interests of Britain in other countries. They primarily used the media, shaped the policies of politicians, and sometimes used spies to infiltrate the policies of other countries. They manipulated the leaders, determined policies and strategies for countries and sought to make every country work in line with the British interests.

These organizations and foundations are particularly good at propaganda methods in the societies they live. Using various means, they can propagandize any idea. Universities, schools, academicians, scientific publications, media and even the governments were used for such propaganda efforts and helped spread Darwinism. The moral decline in society is also due to widespread use of these methods. For instance, the presentation of a perversion like homosexuality as normal behavior is another outcome of the wide-scale efforts of these organizations.

Let us remember one important point here; the mentioned organizations are in essence legally incorporated establishments with good and honest people working for them, who are unaware of the said activities of the deep state and the original purpose of the organizations. Our criticism is surely not directed at the legal works or the people doing honest things in these organizations. Our criticism is directed at the wrong mindset that formed the basis for a multitude of insidious acts carried out through these organizations. There is no doubt that people, even if they make mistakes, can change. The reason why we are revealing the secrets of the deep state is to show the harmful consequences of the actions of people who had been involved in these affairs, to warn them and to encourage them to change for the better. The goal is constructive, not destructive. It is therefore important to bear this in mind, as the reader learns about these facts.

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Furthermore, this book mainly focuses on the years when these organizations were first set up. Although some of these organizations still act under the supervision and guidance of the deep states, it is possible that they have adopted a different vision and ideas. However, during the first years they were set up, they inflicted extensive damage because they directly operated under the British deep state and led operations that would have harmful repercussions even for future generations.


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