Egypt and British Deep State

Egypt and British Deep State

The most important reason leading to Egypt being transferred to British rule was the foreign debt that Midhat Pasha endorsed during his first term as the grand vizier. In the next 15 years, the economy collapsed and Britain invaded Egypt exactly as planned by the British deep state.

Egypt used loans with heavy penalties to build the Suez Canal in 1869 with the French. Six years later, unable to pay the interest, it had to transfer its share in the Canal to the British. Three years later, auditors of the creditors, France and Britain, began to assume positions in the Egyptian government. In a matter of nine years, the British seized the control of Egypt and then physically invaded the country four years later.

The events that led up to the invasion of Egypt weren’t completely different from what we saw in other Ottoman territories. Instigated by the British deep state, anti-Christian riots began in Alexandria, during which British and French navy ships were conveniently present in the harbor of Alexandria. The British used the riots as an excuse to attack the city, and then proceeded to a full-scale invasion of Egypt, and made it a de facto protectorate, which became official in 1914. The British deep state then instigated a similar insurgency in Sudan, which at the time was a part of Egypt. The Egyptian army under the command of British General Herbert Kitchener suppressed the riot, which led Sudan to be effectively administered as a British colony. Sudan remained so until 1956.

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  1. The Pilgrims Society of London and New York is the top British Empire organization and has dominated world finance and foreign relations for over five generations. Sponsors of this group are the Royal family. A check of UK and USA Ambassadors to Egypt would most likely turn up some members, plus banking connections. The dominant religion in this group is Anglican Church of England/USA Episcopalian—not Jewish. In fact major Jewish financial and industrial dynasties, the Guggenheims, Oppenheimers and Schiffs converted to Anglicanism so as to advance in favor with their bosses, the Windsors, who happen to be the most dangerous family in entire world history. Even today at age 96 Crown Prince Philip controls 780 organizations by way of committees who supervise them and report to him. In the USA branch for example there is James Ben Ali Haggin (Turkish descent) who like his great grandfather is an Episcopalian, and inherited trusts established circa 1912 by his attorney, Allan McCulloch, another member. The original Haggin was known as “the greatest mine owner on earth,” he controlled California’s Kern River and intentionally caused 16,000 cattle owned by a competitor to die of thirst. Haggin was a central player in The Crime of 1873, which destroyed silver as money in America, and stopped China’s foreign trade with America, causing extreme famine in several Chinese provinces with a death toll in the millions.
    The Pilgrims Society “A Secret Society Gradually Absorbing The Wealth Of The World” (Review of Reviews, New York, May 1902, page 557).

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