Developments in North Africa

Developments in North Africa

In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire – a strong naval force – conquered North Africa. The Empire reached the coast of Italy in the north, controlled the entire Eastern Mediterranean and seized Egypt and Morocco in the south. In other words, the Mediterranean became a Turkish lake. The colonial powers of France, Spain, Britain and Holland had to pass the Atlantic Ocean to reach South and West Africa.

Once again, Britain wasn’t ready to accept the situation. To the leaders of the British deep state, the lands that had to be under British control were controlled by a Muslim empire. Due to their deep-seated hostility towards Islam and the Turks, this wasn’t something they could accept. As a result, over the course of the 18th century, the British deep state severed Muslim lands in Africa from the Ottoman Empire, one by one, and it used usual tactics and provocation methods in the process.

  The Theory of Evolution in the Ottoman-Arab Lands


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