Who is Damad Ferid Pasha?

Who is Damad Ferid Pasha?

Damad Ferid Pasha rose through the ranks very quickly, and secured a post in the Ottoman Embassy in London despite his relatively insignificant previous positions in the Foreign Office. As one of the signatories of the Treaty of Sèvres on behalf of the Ottoman Empire, he ordered the destruction of 90,000 containers of ammunition kept in Ottoman military warehouses in Istanbul, in line with the instructions of the British. He then sent an army of thugs consisting of people like Ahmet Anzavur to Anatolia to fight the Nationalist Forces of the Ankara government.

One of the co-founders of the Society of the Friends of England, he had Dürrizade Abdullah Efendi issue a fatwa for the execution of Mustafa Kemal and his comrades on April 11, 1920. (Low-Down on Ataturk’s Being Sent to Anatolia], Can Press (Ali Adil Atalay), 1995)

According to the last grand vizier Tewfik Pasha, Ferid Pasha was more loyal to Western world then the Westerners themselves. An article in the daily Tevhid-i Efkâr described him as follows:

After he returned from London, he became a Westerner and almost turned hostile to Islam. He would always quote Greek and Latin proverbs, superstitions and mythology in his speeches, lectures and writings. (…) To sum it up, he turned completely Western, but remained a cosmopolite man devoid of any sense of patriotism.(SOURCE)

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