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Sycophants of the British Deep State

Dervish Vahdeti and the 31 March Incident

Dervish Vahdeti, who was one of the significant leaders of the 31 March Incident, was in truth a Cypriot spy working for the British. Prior to the riot, he was making provocative claims like ‘religion was being lost’ in his newspaper Volkan. It should be noted that Grand Vizier ‘English’ …

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Who is Abdullah Cevdet?

Abdullah Cevdet was possibly the most ardent supporter of Darwinism and its promulgation in the Empire. Although religious when he was young, he was introduced to materialist-Darwinist ideology at the Medical School. During those days, biologic materialism was spreading fast among the medical students, and affected Cevdet as well. With …

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Who is ‘English’ Said Pasha

Known as ‘English’ Said Pasha for his deep admiration for everything English, Said Pasha played significant roles in wars that proved devastating for the Empire in the 19th century. After returning from his navy training in Britain, he rose through the ranks quickly and became the Minister of Navy. He …

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