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The Truth Behind the Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Kurdistan Plan of the British Deep State

Confidential British documents reveal the British deep state plans to break up the Turkish territory and build a Kurdistan in its place: Admiral A. Calthorpe: … Major Noel says that if he can reach an agreement with Kurdish chiefs, that will be useful. (Sayyid) Abdülkadir and Bedir Khan, the Kurdish …

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The British Deep State and the Turkish War of Independence

Classified British documents contain the following statements about the Turkish War of Independence: British Foreign Policy Documents: 1919-1939 Turks think that it is only the Greek invasion they are facing, and are getting ready to fight them. But Greeks are only a part of the allied plan. Let’s not stir …

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The British Deep State Plans to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

Various British diplomats’ and politicians’ views and suggestions to dismember the Ottoman Empire in the documents of the British deep state can be found below: Mr. Marling: The concessions to be made to the Albanians, they say, must eventually be made not only to the other Balkan provinces but also …

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The British Deep State and the Caliphate

At the onset of the 17th century, many European states decided to follow in the footsteps of Portugal and Spain and began pursuing their own imperialistic desires. Britain proved the most ambitious. The readers will recall how Britain had already set up East India Co. in the 1600s as the …

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