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British Deep State’s Sedition Fuels Riots Across the Region

Riots during WWI and the Subsequent Clashes

Nestorians that rioted during WWI were defeated by the Ottoman army, and as a result started moving towards Hamadan with guidance and help from British aircraft. Subsequently, Britain set up a 3000-tent settlement in Baquba, 50 km from Baghdad, for 40,000-50,000 Nestorians  This made Nestorians more vulnerable to exploitation by …

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Nestorian Riot

Nestorianism is a Christian sect with members in various parts of Asia. Between 1915-1924, a significant Nestorian population lived in Nusaybin, Siirt and Hakkari in Turkey, with most settling around Hakkari and considering it as their center (there are currently no Nestorians in Turkey)  When the word spread in the West …

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Post-Lausanne Mosul

Controversial issues that the Treaty couldn’t solve dominated Turkish foreign policy in the wake of the Conference of Lausanne, while the disagreement over Mosul with Britain was the most heated foreign policy issue between 1923-1926. Upon the application of Britain, the Mosul dispute was referred to the League of Nations …

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