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British Tactics for the Justification of the Occupation

Italians Weren’t Spared the Deep Strategies of the British Deep State, Either

As the WWI raged on, the Allied Powers had secret meetings to agree on a plan for the partition of the Ottoman Empire. The first secret agreement, known as the Treaty of London, was signed in 1915. According to this secret pact between the Triple Entente (Britain, France, Russia) and …

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A Claim of Upholding Minority Rights is a Typical British Deep State Method for Justification of Its Occupations

According to the Armistice of Mudros signed after the war, the Allied armies should have stayed in their current positions and no occupation would take place unless there was a threat. However, as explained previously, the British nevertheless occupied Istanbul and the Greek landed and took over Izmir. The only …

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The British Deep State Assured Its Allies that Anatolia Would Be a US Mandate

In the aftermath of WWI, maps were redrawn in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Representatives from 32 countries attended the conference. It started on January 18, 1919 and a total of 1646 sessions took place in the months-long event. However, this wide attendance was only to keep up appearances. …

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The British Deep State Initially Claimed that It Didn’t Want Anatolia

British Prime Minister Lloyd George, during his speech to Parliament on January 5, 1918, reassured Parliament’s Members that there wouldn’t be a war for Istanbul, Anatolia or Thrace. In these lands, the Turkish population was the majority. The truth is, Lloyd George was only trying to cause a diversion and …

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