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The Occupation of Istanbul

Riots Against the Nationalist Forces in Anatolia and Their Deep State Connections

While the occupation of Istanbul continued, the British deep state was simultaneously making plans to suppress the independence campaign that was gaining momentum fast. First, they set up a unit, and trained and armed their soldiers. This small army was called Kuva-yi İnzibatiye (Forces of Order) and Süleyman Şefik Pasha …

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Who Is John Michael de Robeck?

Admiral Robeck was convinced that Kurdish-Armenian alliance would be politically beneficial for the respective parties and Britain. In his telegram to Lord Curzon on December 11, 1919, he reiterated that such an alliance would be in the best interests of Britain in the region and the demands of Kurds and …

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Who is Somerset Arthur Gough-Calthorpe?

British High Commissioner Admiral Calthorpe, stationed in Istanbul, wrote in many of his telegrams to London that one way to weaken the Ottoman Empire was pitting the Kurds and Turks against each other. During the negotiations for the Armistice of Mudros, Admiral Calthorpe promised that everything would be done to …

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Who is Lloyd George?

Lloyd George was the British Prime Minister when the plan to partition the Ottoman Empire was being implemented. This is how Churchill described Lloyd George’s outlook and his plans for the future of Turks and Turkish territory: The Greek [Lloyd George asserted] are the people of the culture in Eastern …

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