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The Armenian Issue Manipulated by the British Deep State

Facts About the Armenian Mass Relocation

The basic goal of the –largely socialist– Hunchak and Dashnak resistance movements founded around 1890 was to gain independence for Armenians through revolution. When the Ottoman Empire decided to enter WWI alongside Germany in 1914, some Armenians under the influence of these movements, allied with the Russians, British and French. …

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The British Deep State Brought the Biggest Destruction to Armenians

Before we begin examining the mass Armenian relocation that took place after these riots, let’s briefly remember what happened in the century before: When the Greek riot broke out in 1826, the Sublime Porte assigned Armenian politicians, military officers and bureaucrats to positions vacated by the Greeks. So much so …

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The 19th Century’s Riots and the Looming War

Armenian riots in the Ottoman Empire were essentially organized by three rebel groups: Armenakan Party founded by Mekertich Portukalian in 1885, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnak Party) and Social Democratic Hunchakian Party (also known as Hunchak Party) founded by Avetis Nazarbekian. The Dashnak and Hunchak parties were leftist groups, and the …

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Vilification Campaign by the British Media

The first stage in the artificially manufactured problem between Turks and Armenians, who had lived brotherly together for centuries, was provoking the Armenian community against the Ottoman Empire. During the 1878 Berlin Congress, the parties discussed defending Armenians as leverage against Russia, and Lord Salisbury proposed securing the rights of …

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The Impact of Some So-Called Missionaries on the Armenian Community

British consuls were constantly telling lies about Ottoman administration to our Armenian citizens and were showing British as their savior. To this end, they would tour Armenian villages and spread their propaganda. One telegram sent from the province of Adana to the Minister of Internal Affairs described such separatist activities …

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The British Deep State’s Base for Armenian Riots: Cyprus

Before the secret Cyprus Treaty of 1878, which supposedly temporarily transferred Cyprus’ rule to the British, 45,000 Muslims and some 100,000 non-Muslims were living on the island. Armenians, Greeks, Jews and a small number of Nazarenes constituted the non-Muslim population. Some British people, supposedly missionaries, actively worked on the island …

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