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The Capitulation Plans of the British Deep State

The Capitulation Plans of the British Deep State

While studying the capitulations, we must keep in mind that the British deep state makes deep plans that extend well into the next centuries. This is what happened with the capitulations and the British deep state managed to extend the scope of the original concessions granted to Britain over time, abusing the Ottoman Empire’s kindness and weakness to build a separate structure within the Ottoman Empire. In the end, foreign courts were operating on Ottoman territory, foreigners were parceling out, buying, and selling the Ottoman lands; and even the best medical service was given by foreign doctors to foreigners. These foreigners in question who became more privileged than Turks on Turkish lands, were in fact looting the state and led lives fully independent of Ottoman laws. Since these people had more rights than Turkish merchants, they began to dominate the trade in the country. This system was the application of the sly plan of the British deep state concocted over a long time. This insidious system, that one still can see in many colonized countries or in other countries infiltrated by the British deep state, deeply penetrated the Ottoman Empire, took control of its system, and built its own hegemony. This infiltration also allowed the British deep state to easily deploy its agents in the relevant countries. The process is so systematic, the new Turkish Republic fought tooth and nail to get rid of this virus.

Today, in the Middle East and particularly in Africa, the British deep state continues to exploit some countries and gets wealthier as the people of the respective countries starve and are poor. This is the usual policy of the British deep state. This was also what was planned for the Ottoman Empire with the capitulations. But Almighty God didn’t allow this plan to work and made the Great Commander Mustafa Kemal Pasha and the brave Turkish people the reason for the end of the British deep state’s hegemony. The capitulations were just another way invented to exploit the Ottoman Empire from within. The end of this scourge, which had to be fended off, represented an important victory at the Lausanne negotiations.

  League of Nations = Great Britain

Do they feel secure against God’s devising? No one feels secure against God’s devising except for those who are lost… (Qur’an, 7:99)


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