British-supported Conflicts in Western Sahara

British-supported Conflicts in Western Sahara

Morocco has been at war with the separatist Polisario Front in Western Sahara for the last thirty years. Britain, on the other hand, has been covertly supplying weapons to both sides in the conflict. In Western Sahara, where only 500,000 people live, there is a Moroccan army of 100,000 people. Britain sells armored vehicles, sniper rifles, land-to-land missiles, missile launchers and howitzers to Morocco for use in this region. In the past two years, it has delivered light weapons worth more than $1 billion. Due to the competition between Algeria and Morocco, Algeria also supports and supplies weapons to the separatist movements in Western Sahara. Recently, Morocco has signed a new deal with the US for 150 tanks.

The British deep state certainly doesn’t want peace in the region. Not only does the UN not recognize the independence of Western Sahara, but it also doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of Morocco, over which the region has been embroiled in war for a long time. As one would expect, this was a part of the British deep state plans concocted 100 years ago to dismember the Ottoman Empire. The plan seems to work without a problem.

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