British Provocateur : Lord Cromer

British Provocateur : Lord Cromer

Evelyn Baring, also known as Lord Cromer, acted as the Consul-General of British-ruled Egypt between 1883 and 1907. His following words clearly show imperialist British dreams of ruling the Muslim world:

Notably, the Moslems of India should recognise that, with the collapse of Turkish power in Europe, a new order of things has arisen, that the change which the attitude of England towards Turkey has undergone is the necessary consequence of that collapse….(Evelyn Baring, Political and Literary Essays, 1908–1913, London: Cambridge University Press, 2010, pp. 412-413)

Lord Cromer’s Opinions on Islam and Muslim Societies

Lord Cromer was a notorious example of the British deep state officers that turned the world into a colony in the 19th century through most barbarous methods. He was an arrogant Darwinist with racist thoughts, entertaining twisted views such as being the representative of a supposedly superior race. Let’s hear from Cromer himself to better understand the mentality that seeks to destroy the Muslim world1 (our exalted religion of Islam is above such remarks):

Britain would not allow Egypt to govern itself according to Islam

It is absurd to suppose Europe will look on as a passive spectator whilst the retrograde government based on purely Muhammadan principles and oriental ideas, is established in Egypt. The material interests at stake are too important …the new generation of Egyptians has to be persuaded or forced into imbibing the true spirit of Western civilization.

His real thoughts on women’s rights

As Lord Cromer tried to lecture Muslims on women’s rights, he was a member and one-time president of the UK ‘Men’s League for Opposing the Suffrage of Women’ campaigning against giving British women the vote. The perfect answer to such people, who wrongly considered themselves to be in a position to lecture Muslims, came from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk granted women’s suffrage in 1934, long before some European countries did.

  Brothels Open and Prostitution Spreads in the Ottoman Society

Lord Cromer explained what he meant by ‘autonomy for Egypt’:

Consider what is generally meant by Europeans when they talk of Egyptian self-government. If they meant that the Egyptians should be allowed to govern themselves according to their own rude lights, the task of educating them in the art of self-government would not merely have been easy; there would have been no necessity that it should have been undertaken. … What Europeans mean when they talk of Egyptian self-government is that the Egyptians, far from being allowed to follow the bent of their own unreformed propensities, should only be permitted to govern themselves after the fashion in which Europeans think they ought to be governed.

The British Creation of a new Elite class of Secular ‘Muslims’ to govern Egypt

The truth is that, in passing through the European educational mill, the young Egyptian Moslem loses his Islamism…

But inasmuch as Egyptian society is in a state of flux, the natural result has been to produce a class of individuals many of whom are, at the same time, de-moslemised Moslems and invertebrate Europeans.

In dealing with the question of introducing European civilisation into Egypt, it should never be forgotten that Islam cannot be reformed; that is to say, reformed Islam is Islam no longer; it is something else.

Muslims that receive ‘British training’ looking down on Islam and Islamic scholars

Nominally, the Europeanised Egyptian is in the majority of cases a Moslem. In reality, he is generally an Agnostic. … a thoughtful European will not only look with interest at the “Alim” as the representative of an ancient faith, which contains much that is highly deserving of respect; he will, if the “Alim” is a worthy specimen of his class, sympathise with him because he is religious, albeit his religion is not that of Christ. The Europeanised Egyptian, on the other hand, will often look on the “Alim” with all the pride of an intellectual parvenu. From the pedestal of his empirical knowledge, he will regard the “Alim” as a social derelict, who has to be tolerated, and even occasionally, for political purposes, to be utilised, but who need not be respected.

  British Deep State Provokes Arabs against the Caliph

New ‘Muslims’ intolerance of Christians

Although the Europeanised Egyptian is no true Moslem, he is often as intolerant, and sometimes even more intolerant of Christianity than the old orthodox Moslem, who has received no European education. He frequently hates Christians with a bitter hatred, and he does so partly because many of the Christians with whom he has been brought in contact deserve to be hated, and partly because the Christian, in his capacity of being a European, is a rival who occupies positions, which the Europeanised Egyptian thinks he should himself occupy.


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