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British Provocateur : Edward Augustus Freeman

British Provocateur : Edward Augustus Freeman

Edward Augustus Freeman, an English politician, started spreading the lie that Islam was a restrictive and intolerant religion and went so far as to make such ungrounded atrocious claims that Islam blessed despotism and slavery and that it declared war on other faiths. Freeman also entertained twisted views, like Muslims always needed enemies, and that if left without enemies, they would attack their brothers from different sects.

An Oxford University lecturer, Freeman, enlisting the help of his student Arthur Evans, became the most fervent English supporter of the Balkan uprising of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, after the April Uprising by the Bulgarians, he has been one of the most vocal names in anti-Turkish propaganda.

Freeman was in truth a murderous racist who once said the following of the US:

This [America] would be a grand land if only every Irishman would kill a negro and be hanged for it.(Freeman to F. H. Dickinson, 4 December 1881, in Stephens, The Life and Letters of Edward A. Freeman, Vol. 2, p. 242)

  Douglas Gamble and Hugh Pigot Williams


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