British Provocateur : Cardinal Newman

Cardinal Newman, of the Catholic Church in England, was one of the most zealous Turkophobics and Islamophobics. One of his slanders about Turks was as follows:

…the barbarian power [Turks] which has been for centuries seated in the very heart of the old world, which has in its brute clutch the most famous countries of classical and religious antiquity, and many of the most fruitful and beautiful regions of the earth; … and, which, having no history itself, is heir to the historical names of Constantinople and Nicaea, Nicomedia and Caesarea, Jerusalem and Damascus, Nineveh and Babylon, Mecca and Bagdad, Antioch and Alexandria, ignorantly holding in possession one-half of the history of the whole world.(John Henry Newman, Historical Sketches, vol. 1, London: Aeterna Press, 2014) (Noble Turkish nation is above such remarks)

  Kurdistan Plan of the British Deep State


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