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The British Deep State’s Policy to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

The British deep state slyly set the stage for the Great War, creating small but irritating reasons for tension between the European countries and empires. In the end the situation turned into a ticking time bomb. Finally, through a vile assassination by a hit man, the British deep state started WWI.

The Ottoman Empire always believed that the Allied Powers would win if the war started. Therefore, it made its best efforts to reconcile with Britain, France and Russia and ally with them. The Ottoman government of the time made numerous contacts and attempts through the triumvirate of Enver, Talat and Cemal Pashas. However, Britain would never agree to it, as one of the most important goals of the war was taking the Ottoman territories. Naturally, these efforts came to nothing. Britain declined each and every time the Ottomans offered alliance or non-aggression pacts.

Sublime Porte
Sublime Porte

Running out of options, the Sublime Porte had to forge an alliance with the Germans and joined the war on their side, exactly as the British deep state had planned. As soon as the Ottoman Empire joined the war, the British deep state quickly began its project of dismembering the Empire. Two days before Britain officially declared war on the Ottoman Empire, on November 3, 1914, it announced that it annexed Kuwait. On November 5, it announced that it invaded Cyprus and on December 18, 19, it announced that it annexed Egypt. These moves not only bolstered its control over Egypt and the Mediterranean, they also enabled it to control the seaways to the Middle East.

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In the meantime, as a part of its plan to destroy the Ottoman Empire from within, it began to provoke Indians, Arabs and other minorities against the Ottomans. This way, it hoped, the dissolution of the Empire would be faster, easier and with the least casualty for its side.

The members of the British deep state began their sedition by spreading nationalist sentiments among the Ottoman constituents and inciting riots. The primary goal of the propaganda was preventing Indian Muslims and Arabs from joining the fight on the side of the Ottoman Empire when the Caliph declaredCall to Arms‘. It also wished to stop a potential Islamic army from forming. The notorious deep state agents of the time, like Captain T. E. Lawrence and Gertrude Bell, were used to provoke Arabs against the Ottoman Empire.

Accordingly, the British deep state signed treaties with Sheikh Sayyid of Sabya in Yemen on April 30, 1915, with Saudi Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Saud on December 26, and with the Qatar Sheikh on November 3, 1916. As a result of the British deep state’s Arab sedition, the ‘Call to Arms’ of the Ottoman Empire dated November 23, 1914 was left largely unanswered.

The British arguments intended to undermine the ‘Call to Arms’ reflected a very sly and divisive strategy. A memorandum handed out by a British cruiser that came off shore of Jeddah on June 4, 1915, included the following perfidious allegations:

  • The Call to Arms of the Ottoman Empire was invalid, because it was cooperating with a Christian country (Germany),
  • Germany, taking advantage of the difficult position of the Porte, fooled the Turkish government with promises and money and pushed them into a wrong war,
  • Germans made the Ottomans declare war to provoke millions of Muslims living under British rule against Britain, because it was Germany’s archenemy,
  • If Muslims accepted the call for the greatest struggle, they would be sacrificing themselves for the interests of Germany,
  • Muslims living under British, French and Russian rule were against the wrong policies of the Turks.
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Aga Khan, one of the religious leaders of India at the time and who was also an avowed anglophile, acted as an advocate for British deep state interests and made the following accusations towards the Ottoman Empire:

Now that Turkey has so disastrously shown herself a tool in German hands she has not only ruined herself but has lost her position as Trustee of Islam and evil will overtake her.(Eugene Rogan, The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East, 2015, iBooks )

Through such provocative arguments, many Arabic and Muslim communities that were subordinate to the Ottoman Empire were turned against the Ottomans and prevented from answering the Sultan’s Call to Arms. This development enabled the British deep state to more easily manipulate these minorities and cause them to riot and declare independence. Now no longer a part of the Empire, these former Ottoman lands couldn’t protect themselves from coming under British deep state’s control.


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