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The British Deep State’s Plans to Invade Egypt

The British Deep State’s Plans to Invade Egypt

During those early days, the Suez Canal became not only a very important path that connected Britain to its colonies in the Far East; it also multiplied the trade value of the Eastern Mediterranean. For this reason, after the canal was opened in 1869, the British dragged Egypt into a pitfall of debt through economic and political games, caused it to bankrupt and then used the bankruptcy as a justification for invasion. This was another British deep state invasion plan against an Ottoman territory.

Britain knew all along that Russia advanced on Ottoman lands to capture Egypt so that it could gain control of the Eastern Mediterranean. Indeed, Tsar Nicholas had proposed to British Ambassador Hamilton Seymour that they share the Ottoman Empire, calling the Porte a ‘sick man’ and he wanted Crete and Egypt to be left to them. For this reason, the British deep state knew that it had to act quickly and make the first move. So it began to sow seeds of sedition and separation among the people of Egypt and by means of provocation and propaganda, managed to convince some Egyptians to riot against the Ottoman Empire. The ostensible leader of the riot was Colonel Ahmed ‘Urabi, also known as Arabi Pasha, who was a member of the British deep state.

Arabi Pasha
Arabi Pasha

Arabi Pasha laid siege to Alexandria, which was also home to hundreds of British people, and at the instigation of the British deep state, massacred thousands of people in the city and burned their houses down. This was a part of the plan though, because the British deep state needed a justification to invade the country. Following the planned massacre by Arabi Pasha, Britain and France sent fleets to Egypt ‘to save their citizens’, and relentlessly pounded the city of Alexandria for six and a half hours, completely destroying the city. The British deep state didn’t refrain from killing its own citizens, although the campaign was supposedly initiated to save them.

  The British Deep State's Policy to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

The British deep state played an intricate game of control for the Suez Canal and didn’t even flinch when it had to sacrifice its hundreds of citizens to win it. In the end, having suppressed the rebels, which were already under its control, the British army carried out a formal parade in front of the former governor. On the surface, Egypt was still Ottoman, but in truth, it was under complete British control. When the Porte raised objections, the British deep state instigated riots in Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and finally provoked the Armenians in a bid to bully the Ottoman Empire into silence.


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