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The British Deep State’s Approach to the Sultanate

The British Deep State’s Approach to the Sultanate

During WWI, British Prime Minister Lloyd George said that all Arabic speaking lands should be taken from the Ottoman Empire and placed under mandate and that Turks should have certain parts of Anatolia, but no European territory at all. He maintained that Turks should be given no part in the Straits or in the seas. This is the plan of the British deep state for the future of the Ottoman Empire and was built centuries previously. (SOURCE)

What he meant was keeping the Turks in a small territory around Ankara, Konya and Central Anatolia. This plan was voiced explicitly by Lord Curzon, the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in Lausanne. In fact, even that plan was just a temporary stop on the way to their ultimate goal. The British deep state planned to oppress the Turkish Nation until all Turks were driven to Central Asia. This is the deep policy of the British deep state. Today, the circles that seek to give away Southeast Anatolia to the terrorist organization PKK, that desire a federal government in the Black Sea region after it is divided as West and East, that wish to separate the Mediterranean region and Antalya as federal areas, and that print maps depicting Istanbul as an international territory and Izmir and its vicinity as an independent state, are that very same deep state.

The report of the Committee on Asiatic Turkey, under the chairmanship of Sir Maurice de Bunsen, issued on June 30, 1915, made the dismemberment plan of the British deep state quite clear. The report recommended that the Ottoman territory be divided into five main regions/autonomous provinces: Syria, Palestine, Armenia, Anatolia/Turkey and Iraq. The report also said that the strategic locations along the line stretching from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf should be directly or indirectly placed under British control. The only way to do that was complete occupation of Palestine and Iraq. This way, they surmised, the British would be able to seize the entire economic privilege, oil incomes being the foremost, in Asiatic Turkey (including Mosul) in the post-war era.

  Novels Were Written about the Collaborators with the British During the Occupation of Istanbul

British High Commissioner Admiral Webb wrote the following in a letter he sent to a friend on January 19, 1919:

Although we haven’t occupied their countries in full view, we are still appointing and dismissing their governors. We manage their police, control their media, enter their dungeons and release Greek and Armenian prisoners without caring about what crimes they committed. We keep their railways under our control and seize anything we want. Our policy is supported by the sharp edge of the bayonet… As long as we have the caliph under our control, we have extra control over the Islamic world.(SOURCE)

These words were uttered at a time when the British deep state thought that they were at the height of their control over the Ottoman Empire…

This arrogance and delusion of grandeur was the reason why the British deep state underestimated the Anatolian independence movement. The British, at first, didn’t believe in the national resistance. Renin, a daily of the time that was known with its views opposing Atatürk’s independence movement, explained it as follows:

Mustafa Kemal Pasha is trying to build a national movement in Anatolia. What a childish dream! How can the poor, downtrodden Anatolia, already lost in the war, stand up to the whole world? What is left in Anatolia, what is there so they can resist? (SOURCE)

The Treaty of Sèvres, signed after the Armistice of Mudros, was the final stage of the plan. It was one of the most surprising examples of the British deep state imperialism. Statesmen, who were supposedly the most civilized, most modern and liberal of the time, were ravenously making plans on conference tables to play with nations and build new power balances in the world. They planned not only to dissect the Ottoman Empire, which they wrongly dubbed the ‘sick man‘, but also to occupy important regions and ports and thus take away its vital organs. The British deep state was confident that Turks, which they dismissed as defeated and despondent, would not object to all these occupation and dismemberment plans.

The British deep state planned to keep the Caliphate and sultanate as symbolic titles operating under their control. According to their plans, Istanbul would be made a separate state, and the Sultan would reside in Kocaeli or Bursa. However, Almighty God didn’t let Istanbul and Turkish lands, the place of the Mahdi’s (pbuh) emergence, fall into the hands of dajjali circles. These arrogant people, who considered themselves as the masterminds, made a big mistake and didn’t take into account the plan of Almighty God. They forgot that He controlled and ruled over all minds and plans.

They [unbelievers] plotted and God plotted. But God is the best of plotters. (Qur’an, 3:54)


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