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The British Deep State and the Turkish War of Independence

The British Deep State and the Turkish War of Independence

Classified British documents contain the following statements about the Turkish War of Independence:

British Foreign Policy Documents: 1919-1939

Turks think that it is only the Greek invasion they are facing, and are getting ready to fight them. But Greeks are only a part of the allied plan.

Let’s not stir the Turks, and let’s make them feel that the war is over… Greeks and Italians are deciding where they will occupy… We have to make Turks think that this is going to stop.

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… Sultan asked the British authorities to stop the nationalists by using force. … The Grand Vizier and the Minister of Internal Affairs accept the severity of the situation and ask an Allied permission to suppress the insurgency… Grand Vizier Ferid Pasha’s government declared war on the nationalists and decided that nationalists cannot be reasoned with… Although the British played the main role in the fight against the Turks, Britain is in a better position today in Turkish newspapers and even in nationalist papers.

A speech on American radio:

…Mustafa Kemal told me: ‘Our government was weakened through foreign plots and interventions. It is a lie that the nationalists received aid from the British and the French. British capital is destroying Turkey. We know that Adil Bey, the former President of the Society of the Friends of England, who is now in England, received 200,000 sterling, while Konya governor got 150,000 sterling and possibly Ankara governor got a similar amount, as well.’

Mr. Ryan’s report:

… Since the nationalist forces [in Turkey] were getting stronger, it was requested that a government force of 40,000 troops be used against the nationalists. Grand Vizier immediately accepted this request.

During the meeting in Villa Belle:

… Lloyd George said ‘Mustafa Kemal’s success might rub on the Arabs, for this reason he definitely has to be crushed… We improved Greek’s fight abilities, and diminished Turks. [Noble Turkish nation is above such statements.]

During the meeting in Villa Franeuse:

… Istanbul administration can help us suppress the Turkish nationalist movement, which is a threat not only to us, but for the entire world…We cannot show any mercy to Turks that caused the war to last for two years. Mr. Venizelos said, ‘If there was a possibility, we could use something other than guns against Turks, but Turks won’t understand anything other than guns.’

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… All the Anatolian movements belong to Mustafa Kemal’s nationalist movement. Damad Ferid wishes to send troops to stop the nationalist movement… Only Turks don’t respect the decisions we made.

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… Turks won’t accept to be ruled by Greeks, especially after the disgrace Greeks caused in Izmir… British officers and our people are cooperating to kill the Turks… Turks are great fighters, they have little ammunition and no transportation… Turks will have no rights in Kurdistan under the peace treaty to be signed with them. We have to be sure of the situation with regards to Kurdistan. Even Kurds don’t know what they want… Erzurum is one of the most powerful fortresses of Turks, they won’t accept that a big Turkish land is given to Armenians… British Empire has seized all the lands that once belonged to the Turkish Empire.

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… The reason for the Anatolian movement is the Greek invasion and their horrible actions. The foundation of the great Armenia and Pontus states also contributed to it.

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… We received a letter from the Prime Minister [grand vizier] condemning Mustafa Kemal. He declares them as rebels that defy the orders of the government and says that people should be loyal to the government, instead.

Admiral F. de Robeck:

… Damad Ferid [grand vizier] is worried about his personal security and the security of his people. Would you allow me to say to him that should the nationalists take over the administration in Turkey, his life and the Sultan’s life will be under our protection? Ferid claims that he is the only person that can influence the Sultan and that he created the pro-British stance. If Damad Ferid resigns, we must guarantee that he and the Sultan can leave the country in a dignified manner. … If the Sultan steps down, I will help him leave Turkey.

H. Rumbolt:

… the British Vice-Consul reported that lack of discipline in army is beginning to be admitted even by Greek G.H.Q. Kondylis, Officer Commanding Third Regiment, was mobbed by troops at Salihli and only escaped by hiding under coal in tender of train. It seems that the Greeks won’t be able to pull this off by themselves.

SOURCE :  Erol Ulubelen, İngiliz Gizli Belgelerinde Türkiye

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