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The British Deep State Plans to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

The British Deep State Plans to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

Various British diplomats’ and politicians’ views and suggestions to dismember the Ottoman Empire in the documents of the British deep state can be found below:

Mr. Marling:

The concessions to be made to the Albanians, they say, must eventually be made not only to the other Balkan provinces but also to the Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and other nationalities, a policy which must entail the dismemberment of the Empire.179Buchanan: Entire Turkish-controlled Europe should belong to the Christians… The issue of Crete should be solved in favor of Greece.(Erol Ulubelen, İngiliz Gizli Belgelerinde Türkiye, p. 122)

Lord Kitchener:

Turkish collapse seems to be complete… Everything that Turks claim to be theirs in Sudan must pass to Britain.(Erol Ulubelen, İngiliz Gizli Belgelerinde Türkiye, p. 122)


…The British … held that the only way to avoid a repetition of the Cretan question was for Greece to hold all the Islands other than Tenedos and Imbros….(Joseph Heller, British Policy towards the Ottoman Empire 1908-1914, Frank Cass and Company Limited, 1983, p. 116)

Mr. Erskine:

…unless they can destroy the Turkish fleet the position in the future will be much the same as now. Admiral Kerr tells me in confidence that some time ago he submitted a rather bold plan of action, which he thought offered good prospects of success…(SOURCE)

A meeting in the British Foreign Office: …Conclusion:

Financial matters can never be entrusted to Turks. Also, Turks will pay all occupation expenses and the price for the collected commissions… Senior Litti said: ‘Turks will want Izmir, and we’ll say ‘pay us all that we spent for occupation. Since they are not going to do that, we’ll keep Izmir.’ Then Lloyd George said, ‘our units in Syria will leave, so are we going to pay for it? How nonsensical is that? Turks should pay all of it. British taxpayers paid 750 million sterling for that. We’ll get it back from the Turks in gold coins. We have to gain control of the gold stocks of Turks.’… Mr. Cambon said ‘we should first destroy their patriotic leaders.’… Lloyd George said: ‘We’ll tell the Sultan [Vahdettin], we’re getting all the flesh, you can keep the bones’.(Erol Ulubelen, İngiliz Gizli Belgelerinde Türkiye, pp. 230-231)

The answer to the Turkish government: We carefully examined the message of the Turkish government. Turks, … by entering the war, caused casualties and poverty… They caused the deaths of millions of people and loss of billions of sterling. Turkey has to pay a very big price so that freedom in the world can be rebuilt… Non-Turk ethnic groups will become independent states. Izmir and Thrace will be taken from Turks and a free Armenia will be set up within the borders determined by the US President [W. Wilson]… Strict measures will be taken to ensure that Turks don’t betray the civilized world again. For this reason, Turkish lands will be turned into a small state… Imperialist desires of the Turkish people will be erased.

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As to the autonomy of the Straits:

  1. All military facilities along the Straits will be demolished and all coasts and islands will be arms-free.
  2. Disarmament costs will be borne by Turks or Greeks.
  3. 3.No soldiers other than Allied soldiers can be present on the islands.

Turkish gendarme will report to us and all debts of the Turks will be paid by the Turks. If you don’t sign the treaty, you will be driven out of Europe for sure. We are giving you ten days for your perusal. ( Erol Ulubelen, İngiliz Gizli Belgelerinde Türkiye, pp. 247-248)


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