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The British Deep State Brought the Biggest Destruction to Armenians

The British Deep State Brought the Biggest Destruction to Armenians

Before we begin examining the mass Armenian relocation that took place after these riots, let’s briefly remember what happened in the century before:

When the Greek riot broke out in 1826, the Sublime Porte assigned Armenian politicians, military officers and bureaucrats to positions vacated by the Greeks. So much so that by the 19th century, nineteen Armenian ministers were in the Ottoman government, and twenty-nine Ottoman Armenians served as pashas, which was the highest rank in bureaucracy. Thirty-three Armenians were elected as Parliament Members, while seven Armenian ambassadors and eleven Armenians consuls represented the Ottoman Sultan in various parts of the world. Hundreds of Armenian bureaucrats occupied key positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Accounts, the Mint and the Post Office. They were Christians who lived in the Ottoman lands, freely known and recognized as Armenians. They enjoyed comfortable lives without any oppression, pressure or assimilation threats, and were able to ascend through the ranks to the highest positions in the administration. Most of the time, the Turkish troops were entrusted to Armenian pashas.

During those years, the Armenian Church in the Ottoman Empire had vast power. Their schools and immovable properties were under state protection. However, Armenians that lived in Russia during the same time didn’t enjoy such rights. On the contrary, Tsarist Russia had shut down 320 Armenian schools, while the Russian government seized all the properties of the Armenian Church. In 1909, up to 4,000 Armenians were languishing in tsarist prisons on political charges, and some 3,000 more were exiled.(Michael A. Reynolds, Shattering Empires The Clash and Collapse of the Ottoman and Russian Empires 1908–1918, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011, p. 71. )

Before the British deep state commenced implementing its sinister plans, the Ottoman Empire for centuries had been a land of peace and security for our Armenian brothers and sisters. They freely practiced their faith and led affluent lives through their trade. They were the Christian constituents of the Ottoman Empire and were not different from the other Ottoman citizens. However, the ‘persecuted minorities‘ lie that the British deep state propagated after it decided to bring down the Ottoman Empire, managed to influence our Armenian brothers due to intensive propaganda and provocation. As the readers will see in the next chapter, the British deep state, as a skilled master of manipulation and propaganda, managed to deceive masses to a large extent by using the media around the world. During those years, the Ottoman Empire had no power to counter this black propaganda, as it was falling apart. This weakened state provided necessary opportunity to those seeking to break us apart from our Armenian brothers and sisters.

  Vilification Campaign by the British Media


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