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The British Deep State Assured Its Allies that Anatolia Would Be a US Mandate

The British Deep State Assured Its Allies that Anatolia Would Be a US Mandate

In the aftermath of WWI, maps were redrawn in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Representatives from 32 countries attended the conference. It started on January 18, 1919 and a total of 1646 sessions took place in the months-long event. However, this wide attendance was only to keep up appearances. The real decisions in the conference were made by the so-called ‘Big Four’: British Prime Minister Lloyd George, US President Woodrow Wilson, French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, and Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando.

The five treaties that ended the war were drafted in the Paris Peace Conference: The Treaty of Versailles that was signed with Germany the same year, the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye with the Republic of German-Austria, Treaties of Neuilly-sur-Seine with Bulgaria and Trianon with Hungary, and the Treaty of Sèvres with the Ottoman Empire were all outlined during this conference.

Before moving on to examining the plans to break apart the Ottoman Empire, we should briefly touch on the Treaty of Versailles. Prior to Versailles, the German public was assured that the principles known as Wilson’s Fourteen Points would be the foundations for the treaty. However, once the time for signatures arrived, a heavy colonization plan appeared that was a complete insult to Germans in every way. The harsh conditions forced the German economy to work for the Allied Powers for years. Many historians agree that the harsh terms of this treaty led to the rise of Nazi regime and vengeful sentiments in the German public.

Britain and France made a deal during the Paris Peace Conference to share the Ottoman lands in Arabia, Thrace, the Mediterranean and the Aegean amongst themselves. They wanted to make Turkey a small Asian country trapped inside Anatolia. According to their plan, little Turkey trapped in this piece of land would be placed under US mandate.

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In other words, the plan of the British deep state for the Paris Peace Conference was placing countries they considered incapable of ruling themselves under the mandate of developed countries. The Middle East was distributed according to this plan. Britain presented a proposal to the Conference on May 21, 1919 and suggested that Mesopotamia, Syria and Palestine be placed under French and British mandate, and the Ottoman Empire under US mandate. Let’s find out about the truth of this plan from the telegram Halide Edip Adıvar sent to Mustafa Kemal Pasha on August 10, 1919:

The situation in Constantinople relating to foreign affairs is this:

Although France, Italy and England have offered a mandate over Turkey to the American Senate, they are trying by all possible means to prevent them from accepting it.

There is no doubt that each of these Powers wants to make certain of their share when the country is divided up.

France, having met with disappointments in Syria, wants to compensate herself in Turkey. Italy, being frankly and openly imperialistic, declares plainly that she has entered the war with the sole object of getting a good share of the Anatolian booty.

The part played by England is rather more complicated.

With an eye to the future, England has no desire that Turkey shall remain united or become modernised or enjoy real independence. A Turco-Mohamedan State, powerful and equipped with all modern requirements and ideas, and particularly with a Caliph at its head, would be an exceedingly bad example to the Mohamedan subjects of England.

If she could get power over Turkey without being interfered with at all, she would soon decapitate and dismember her without any compunction, and would try within a few years to convert her into a loyal colony. (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Nutuk [The Great Speech])

Clearly, the plans of the British deep state have always been more sinister and more complicated. Supporting a US mandate was just an act. The true desire of the British deep state, for a long time, had been a completely disintegrated, weakened, devastated Turkish state.

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In order to accurately analyze the plans of the British deep state, it is important to look a couple steps ahead. We shouldn’t forget that although intended for Churchill, the statement he was ‘first, last and all the time a great Englishman, more interested in preserving England’s position in Europe than in preserving the peace (Robin Renwick, Fighting with Allies: America and Britain in Peace and War, Palgrave Macmillan, 1996, p. 89) actually applies to every member of the deep state because for the British deep state, there are no allies or friends. Everyone in the plan is a means to get to an end. Their existence serves the deep state plans. This is true even for the seemingly most powerful leaders of the world as they have no option other than playing along according to the script they have been given.


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