Algeria and British Deep State

Algeria and British Deep State

For 300 years, Algeria was the principal center of Ottoman power in the Maghreb. Governors appointed by the Ottoman Sultan ran the province until France invaded it in 1827, using a petty argument with the French Consul as an excuse. When a meeting between Algeria’s governor Hussein Dey and the French Consul got heated, the dey struck the Consul three times with his hand fan. French immediately made this incident an excuse for invasion, after which Hussein Dey was exiled.

Now a French colony, the educational system of the country was changed, local administrators were stripped of their powers and social order came to a breaking point. Rich lands of Muslims were taken from them and handed over to French colonialists. Algeria became the administration center of the French colonies in Africa. Throughout the years, Muslims of North Africa witnessed the horrible face of European imperialism as Muslims were martyred en masse. French rule brought nothing but death to Muslims of Algeria. 175,000 Algerians fought for France during WWI, but 40,000 of them never returned. During the Algerian War of Independence, 1,000,000 Muslims lost their lives, while 3,000,000 were imprisoned in camps.

However, even after the declaration of independence, the violence in Algeria didn’t end. On the contrary, the country plunged into a bloody civil war at the end of the 20th century, and following a coup against the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in 1991, 150,000 Muslims were martyred at the hands of other Muslims. The Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA), founded in 1993, began to martyr Algerians of all backgrounds, including FIS-linked Muslims. The British deep state was once again behind GIA, which had a London-based magazine named Al-Ansar, intended to recruit Muslims that could be made guerillas. Britain allowed these activities, lent its support at times, and sometimes helped prepare the setting for such activities.

  British Provocateur : Winston Churchill


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